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Throwback Writing - To My Past

People say love is like the ocean, to which I say, screw that, I am the ocean. When you came to face me, all you had to show was your experience in swimming pools. I welcomed you as my first, with open space and hidden depth. You dipped your feet and I dragged you in. At first your confidence kept you afloat. This led to arrogance, and as you ventured in I swallowed you whole. In the beginning you couldn't get enough. The water was so warm and calming. It practically lapped you in comfort. But as it typically happens, you got exhausted staying above water. You though I suffocated you, while in reality it is you who entered unprepared. The gifts you brought sunk to the ocean floor, doing nothing to aid. The waves overwhelmed you, but they were the ones that helped you break free of my grasp. After all, you told me yourself that you're afraid of the ocean. Your footsteps, however did leave an indent in the sand. But my waves washed them away after a few visits to the shore. You might come back when the concrete walls of a pool get too constraining and familiar, but even with a yacht you can’t withstand the force of nature. The ocean needs an equal not a conqueror.

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