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Yelena Kasianova gained an early classical art education from her architecturally trained mother. Later pursuing her interest in color theory, initially learning watercolor from a Tavricheskaya Art School alumni, and later perfecting her oil painting techniques in Florence, Italy.

Borrowing from the surrealist, her latest collection focuses on capturing the subconscious. Various forms of positive emotions are expressed in her paintings through the precise use of color and line. She often incorporates realistic elements, such as hands to frame her narrative. 

Her outside interests include the environment, philosophy, and education. Yelena currently works as a freelance artist, teacher, and marketer. She is open to email inquiries for commissions, gallery exhibitions, and other creative projects.

PAST EXHIBITIONS: Vino Locale in Palo Alto, Southern Pacific Brewing Company, Nicolas Cage Art Show, Bill Murray Art Show

PUBLICATIONS: The Adventures of Wizahickon, Polka Dot Sue

EDUCATION: BS in Business Administration, Minor in Fine Arts, Chapman University


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