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Down the Rabbit Hole #3 - Everlane and Minimalism

Did you know that the clothing industry is the 2nd largest polluter after oil & gas. That's crazy, right? But then again when you think about how clothes need to be dyed (this takes away drinking water). Or how many items go in and out of fashion, it starts to literally pile up.

Recently Everlane, which is for some reason one of my favorite brands, opened up a store in SF. Why an online brand needs to open a physical store is intriguing. After all companies have worked so hard to make shopping online appealing, since there is no need for overstocking or other pesky operating costs. The line has been stretching for multiple blocks for a week now. A girl I met from NY who visited the first opening mentioned that it was chaos. She couldn't find what she wanted, the entire place looked ransacked, and she ended up leaving with a sour taste in her mouth. Opening a physical location in this day and age is there to connect with your customers. What Everlane should have done was treat the store as a Gallery Opening. For example Glossier uses their location in LA as an instagram backdrop, urging buyers to takes photos and share on social media, not buy things. Or when Anthropologie opened their flagship store in Palo Alto they had a reception for their loyal customers, full of gifts and champagne. So if I was in charge of the opening I would have sold tickets for certain times. The store would have been full of installations promoting the brand's message - of transparency. (They have that a bit, but it looks so unappealing to explore). So maybe a bit of education for the SF crowd about how clothes are created. Maybe some artworks to take photos of. An amazing backdrop, not a white store. Opening a physical store and operating it as a store is thinking way too small.

But I went on a tangent. I will still shop there because for now they give the impression of being consious of where they source their clothes from. The real issue here is ethical shopping, spending your money correctly. Unfortunately, I have not done that in quite some time. Here is a video that dives deeper into issues with brands like Forever 21, H&M, and even my favorite - Uniqlo. Also the guy is hilariously mean so please watch it with an open mind.

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